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The Bruce Allegory experience contains multiple endings. To have the most immersive experience, make different decisions in response to choices available. 

Bruce Allegory is a first person exploration game inspired by the Stanley Parable released in 2011. This experience is never not boring as it never fails to inspire the best of us to become something more.

Welcome to the Bruce Allegory.  

12 December 2018 Update:
Bruce Allegory now includes a checkpoint system, and all endings function properly. Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks!

(Also, this is my first published game, so stay tuned for more games in the future!)

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, bruce-allegory, Horror, Indie, narration, Narrative, stanley-parable


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Who voices the more masculine narrator? I honestly had more fun of an experience when they were around. 

The deeper voice was narrated by the audio designer!

How many endings are there altogether? I only found 6 (and a half?).

Hello, psychroclasm! There are 9 endings, but two of them were bugged. The game has been updated to include them. Thank you for playing!

Nice game thanks for your efforts.

Thank you for playing! Did you get to any of the endings?

I died :( 


I tried to pause the game and it crashed nice


The game shouldn't crash when it's paused. Did you press ESC and everything froze?


Thank you for letting me know! I will try to see where the issue is coming from and update the game file when I do. Did the crash occur at the beginning or in the middle of gameplay?

Nice game. It was a good attempt at a Stanley parable style. I did have a few problems but it was still entertaining.

Thank you for playing!

As a bug check, what audio is supposed to play for the very first Iain clip? The 1st Narrator says "I've just found this tape", but then there's only silence until the Narrator apologies for playing the wrong clip - is something missing here?


Hey, thank you for catching this! One of the triggers was disconnected by accident in the last update. When I publish the update tomorrow, it will be fixed. Thank you again!

Nice game, went in incredibly interested and came out very pleased! 

Thank you for playing!

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Primarily me and some with my dev team members :)

I really enjoyed your game!  Thank you so much for sharing it! I did hit a couple bugs, but other than that it was a great experience

Thank you for playing!

Cool game! Interesting concept.  Check out my video on YouTube if you want!!

Thank you for playing!

I loved both The Stanley Parable and The Beginner's Guide, so I went into Bruce Allegory with high hopes.

They were met very well, I could see a lot of the assets were stock UE4 assets, but the interesting part of the game is the narrators and the conflicting information they provide, how they guide us through, and the underlying tone of who Ian/Bruce is.


Thank you for playing!