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Hello, internet! Welcome to the GT10 project!

Over the past few months, our team of developers has put together this experience to celebrate 10 years of the Game Theorists YouTube channel.

We made a game to celebrate 10 years of Game Theory, and all donations are going directly to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. If you enjoyed the game or would like to help us celebrate, please consider donating:


Developer Note: If you want to donate, please do not donate when downloading the game! Use the link above!

1. Download the file (DO NOT PAY ANYTHING - click "No thanks, just take me to the download")
2. Extract the zipped folder on your desktop (build is for Windows OS)
3. Once it's extracted, open the .exe file from your file explorer to play! (There should be a fun icon with the GT10 cup logo next)

If you would like to donate (NOTE: YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DONATE TO PLAY), please use the link to the Tiltify above!

GT10 Team:

  • Julie // Redberryweo 
  • Siem Sium 
  • Caleb "Tatertot" Tate 
  • Julianna "Peanut" Rios - Geeky Peanut 
  • Nicholas "explosivepebble" Hunter 
  • Victoria Ling - Spiritmoonz 
  • Emanuele Braga - Rety 
  • Michael Matthews - Gamma 
  • Alexander Goldberg 
  • Bianca - Coolart
  • GT10 Team


In 2019, Siem ("Si-em") Sium came up with the concept for the GT10 project. Over time, the idea evolved from creating a video or a website to celebrate, and Siem concepted the idea of the museum. Without him, none of this project would have been possible.

In May 2020, just as COVID-19 caused millions of people across the world staying at home, the project began taking shape as the team began to grow. Siem brought Julie onto the team, and they got the ball rolling. Siem obtained contact information for all YouTube channels that collaborated or worked together with the Game Theorists over the years.

In August 2020, the team continued to grow after a survey was made for people to volunteer their talents in support of GT10. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest. We received an overwhelmingly positive response, and we unfortunately could not include everyone.

About the Game Theorists

When Matt started Game Theory, it used to take him a month to develop videos. The software he used would frequently crash, and as he puts it “had zero functionality”. The videos were edited through stop motion animation, hundreds of Photoshop files would be compiled to create just one video. To grow the channel, Gaijin Goombah and Ronnie Oni Edwards joined Matt, thus the Game Theorists was born. These creators were all passionate about combining education and gaming, establishing a strong core for the Game Theorists channel to grow. Ronnie’s first episode, How Much is Minecraft Diamond Armor Worth episode, transformed the educational content into an engaging experience that served as the starting point for how the channel would look. Since then, the Game Theorists channel has grown with a team of editors that pour countless hours of hard work into every episode, resulting in polished, innovative videos for millions of people across the world to enjoy.

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GenrePlatformer, Visual Novel
Tags10-years, 2D, 3D, game-theory, Horror, minigames, Walking simulator, youtube
Average sessionA few minutes


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Development log


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How long did each part of development take, like brainstorming, coding, and art?

We started the main brainstorming May 2020, and the art development started in August 2020 using Fire Alpaca, Photoshop, and Piskel to develop 2D sprites. It was in about October 2020 when we starting doing more of the 3D art assets. Programming started around June 2020 in C# using Visual Studio. A bulk of the programming was done at the end for fine-tuning and bug fixes over the last two months of development.

Nice! Not an avid horror game player(certainly a fan though), so this might take a while for me to beat. Great game, thanks for making this!

You can skip the basement by clicking "Returning Players Only"!

Happy 10 Years GT!!!

Would it be ok to put the link to my youtube video playing this game here in the comments?

Yes! Members of the community are welcome to play and share their experiences here!

how do i defeat the demon peepachus?

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You shine the center of the flashlight on them as they appear! If you would like to proceed to the museum, you can hit ESC and go straight there without getting to the end of the basement.


I can't believe how much work was put into this project, my fanart got in this game! I was so exited when I saw it on stream, have a good day!

Are you able to put it on another website as well, or do you want to keep it on itch?

Well, the publication process on other places are a little trickier. We looked at Humble Bundle, but that didn't work out with publication requirements (we would have to charge for the game there). Steam is a good platform to publish on, but there's a $100 fee and review process. For now, we'll keep it on itch.io. Thank you for asking!

Cool! Can you tell us how the project will work?

Of course! All you have to do is download the file (DO NOT PAY ANYTHING), and extract the zipped folder on your desktop (build will be for Windows OS). Once it's extracted, open the .exe file to play!

Game theory is older than me lol

Any Idea when we can download it?

We're waiting on a response from itch.io, but it should be soon!

Can't wait!

It's available now!

I saw! I tried running it but somehow my potato cannot do it. Is there any graphics settings menu?

Oh no! Unfortunately, we didn't set up a graphics menu, but I might be able to push out an update where you can change the graphics for the museum. The main reason why is because the basement section is unplayable at any of the lower graphics settings (it basically breaks the lighting, and you can't tell where the Demon Peepachus are, resulting in MANY game overs)



i just found this a few days ago and I've fallen in love, thank you for giving me something to do other than homework

You'll be here a while, that's for sure



fish fish



Just donated to the page. I love all ya guys! Cyber-hugs from Australia!

Thank you!

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What are you talking about? The live chat is on. Either the device that you are using isn't compatible with live chat, or you just don't have it pulled up on your screen


I have it pulled up on my screen and I’m on an iPad

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Happy 10th birthday Game theorist!


I'm amazed by what's happened so far these past 10 years, can't wait for what happens next.


Can't wait for da release!


Very excited! Saw this in the description of the stream and I can't wait! I made a game too... I know how hard it is! I can't believe you guys are too!

I hope there is an android version because that's the only kind I could play. Why?, because that's the only device that I currently can afford to have right now

oooof that’s sad I’m on apple

Hello! The build is only out for Windows OS.

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Yoooooo! 6th person to see this page. Been watching Matrick Pathew for around 3 years now, and I love the videos that go up! Can't wait to play!

This is going to be amazing!

Can't wait to play! If you see this matpat Hi!

awesome!!! cant wait to play the game!!!

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:O This looks so cool! Can't believe its been 10 years. Here's to another 10! :D

Edit: Make sure to give the game a 5-star rating :)

Cool game me will check out